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Official YouTube Channel is Official

by casey

This will be the first and only time we point you here, because I have the sneaking suspicion you found your way to this marvelous site by way of the all-seeing YouTube. In any event, we have our very own channel, complete with nearly 500 subscribers. As Keanu Reeves would say: Whoa!

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To Tide You Over…

by casey

Due to some kinks the crew is working out, we won’t likely have the video available for yesterday’s show until tonight. Until then, I’ll post the video of my lecture “Epistemology: A Critical Approach” (the same topic I tried to do on the show, but we got caught up with answering calls) that I delivered […]

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Today's Episode: "Epistemology: Knowledge and Belief"

by casey

Tune in today at 3 P.M. PST to see the second episode of “Ask an Atheist.” Your hosts will be Paul Case and Casey Doran. The topic will be “Epistemology: Knowledge and Belief,” and will delve into the philosophical controversies and consensus behind the “Theory of Knowledge” as it related to the divine and the […]

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