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Summer Vacation 2015

by Sam Mulvey

As we did back in February, Ask an Atheist is taking a bit of a break– something we’ve decided to do once or twice a year to help preserve our sanity.    But, again, fear not!  New episodes will continue on as before!  Last week, we recorded something on the order of six episodes, and there’s […]

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Summer Vacation Recording

by Sam Mulvey

sand-84589_1280We’re recording for August today, in preparation of our (working) summer vacation, so tune in and act like you’re travelling in time to the year with hoverboards and winning Chicago Cubs.

Oh, wait.

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Podcast Only: Czech Yourself

by Sam Mulvey

In this fourth segment that became a whole show, Ranjan, Becky, and Dave join Sam in apologizing to the Czech Republic. We also cover a couple news stories.

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We Are Taking a Break! Sort of…

by Sam Mulvey

Ask an Atheist has been producing content, week after week, without a break, since 2010. So we’re taking a break, but you’ll still get your shows every week.

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