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This Week: Ask an Atheist Experience

NOTE: This post has the fixed audio now.   The last copy had broken encoding in it.

This week is a trip down memory lane as Sam is joined by Casey Doran, one of the original creators of AaA, and Russell Glasser of The Atheist Experience to talk about this week in news, weirdness, and questions to us.

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From Nick and Sam: No More Schrammies

by Sam Mulvey

Sam Mulvey: There are archetypes in radio broadcasting, and one of the most well known ones was the Professional Angry Person.   Every market has one or more of them, and for a good, long while, that guy in Seattle was Ken Schram.

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AaA: 50% More Free!

by Becky Friedman

This week, Ask An Atheist will run a very special 1.5-hour episode! The first half, we’ll hear about a variety of folks putting Humanist ideals into action in some high-impact ways outside of North America.

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Brendan Eich is Gone, Long Live The Fox

by Sam Mulvey

Get ready for a lot of words: Sam gets specific about Firefox. And swears a bit.

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What if rapture

Hulk mad! Hulk BASH!!!!

by Dan Lombardo

Recently, a frequent listener of Ask an Atheist gave us some feedback regarding the show’s tendency towards “bashing religion”. The listener stated that if it were their show about their own faith, they’d prefer to tackle philosophical conundrums and historical insights, rather than criticize the faiths of others. Unfortunately, most of atheists’ histories were recorded by the people who persecuted them, and those histories ain’t pretty…

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