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Stream-a-thon 2014: The Big Move

noon saturday the twentieth to noon sunday the twenty-first

No, we're not asking you if you've got a pickup truck. Nor are we sizing up our friends on a ratio of pounds moved versus pizza consumed. We're moving back to Seattle, and we need help to do it!

From: Saturday, September 20th @ 12:00PM
Until: Sunday, September 21st @ 12:00PM
Stream will appear here!

This Week: Router Shaming

This week, Dave Brouillette and Roslyn Townsend join Sam as we talk about routers and the shaming thereof, bigotry, football, and furniture.

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This is about 10% of what we felt when he started telling us about communist infiltrators and the Muslim Obama.

McCune 2: Probable Plaque Plagues Pierce

by Ask an Atheist

Sam, Becky, and Robert give an update on Robert’s upcoming invocations as a secular celebrant–and then get into the meaty parts of the Pierce County Council’s resolution to prominently display “In God We Trust.”  (Links below the fold).

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HALEA teen engages in interscholastic debate

Uganda Humanist Group Burglarized

by Becky Friedman

HALEA teaches debate skills, literacy, music, journalism, craftwork; they provide meals so HIV+ kids can take their pills w/out vomiting; they use theatre to educate slum teens about drug addition and sexual hygiene. Their security guard was brutalized and their headquarters burgled. How will they continue with their mission, combating cultural dogmas to empower youth?

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From Nick and Sam: No More Schrammies

by Sam Mulvey

Sam Mulvey: There are archetypes in radio broadcasting, and one of the most well known ones was the Professional Angry Person.   Every market has one or more of them, and for a good, long while, that guy in Seattle was Ken Schram.

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AaA: 50% More Free!

by Becky Friedman

This week, Ask An Atheist will run a very special 1.5-hour episode! The first half, we’ll hear about a variety of folks putting Humanist ideals into action in some high-impact ways outside of North America.

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