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This Week: Sam Hasn't Read Calvin & Hobbes

Calvin & Hobbes is more popular than Jesus.   Also, Bridget and Becky continue the conversation about Jamie Raskin and the Pope (via a heated email) with Sam.

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Have You Seen My Goat? Or My Professionalism?

by Sam Mulvey

In this short podcast only episode that practically borders on an audio blog (alog?), Sam drags Becky into the studio at 1 AM to talk about two things he finds interesting and one thing that thieves his C. a. hircus.

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I can't explain the full reason we're going on summer vacation, but I can show you this cool picture of the Mystery Machine from Pat Loika.

If You Haven’t Noticed, I Hate Reruns

by Sam Mulvey

I really do.   Not only that, we’re a podcast, not some sort of episodic sci-fi TV show where you might not notice that you’ve seen this particular monster-of-the-week before.  As much fun as that might be. So, when I want (or in this case, need) to go on break, we get together and do some […]

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Chiseled Outtakes from ‘The Fig Leaf’

by Sam Mulvey

Here is about ten minutes of tape from this week’s episode that didn’t make it into the episode.   Some of it is not suitable for ears.   Anyone’s ears.

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Not a Eulogy for an Episode

by Sam Mulvey

We had some issues with the podcast version of this week’s episode.    We’re still working on it.    So in the meantime enjoy this episode about nothing and a picture of Sam playing a keytar. The taco song is available on YouTube here.   The best version of Nyan Cat is available here.   And I mean best […]

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