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Reflections on Orlando and an Outtake

rainbow flag and "We are Orlando" statement over the Ask An Atheist logoIn this podcast-only mini-episode, Becky delivers a statement from Sam and offers her own reflections on the Orlando Massacre.

Some of our listeners have asked Sam to weigh in on the horrible attack on the Pulse nightclub.   In lieu of talking about it directly with you, Sam offered the following statement:

The violence in Orlando is terrible, and it leaves me with a physical ache when I try to comprehend it. What’s left to say?  How much religiously-motivated violence have we dissected on the air?   How much violence?   How much self-hate?  How much real-life nightmare have I left on the cutting room floor just so I can get through a weekend without weeping?

There’s always the sense that when we talk about harm to others on the show, I’m using the discussion of that harm to direct attention to ourselves.  To do what I must neccessarily do for Ask an Atheist–and hopefully by extension, the atheist community– I must talk myself out of that position.  This time, I find myself unable to do so.

I will not use this tragedy as an opportunity to advance my positions, and I encourage others to do the same.   No single act will solve this problem.

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If You Haven’t Noticed, I Hate Reruns

I can't explain the full reason we're going on summer vacation, but I can show you this cool picture of the Mystery Machine from Pat Loika.

I can’t explain the full reason we’re going on summer vacation, but I can show you this cool picture of the Mystery Machine from Pat Loika.

I really do.   Not only that, we’re a podcast, not some sort of episodic sci-fi TV show where you might not notice that you’ve seen this particular monster-of-the-week before.  As much fun as that might be.

So, when I want (or in this case, need) to go on break, we get together and do some episodes ahead of time. That way, you get new content every week, and I can focus on clearing my task list and getting ready for some cool stuff that’s heading my way.
In short, you get a new episode every week.   But if you respond to something we say (and boy howdy would I like you to) we might not get to it right away because it was recorded a bit ago.   Same for Peggy’s Challenge.

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Not a Eulogy for an Episode

20150910_230518_smallWe had some issues with the podcast version of this week’s episode.    We’re still working on it.    So in the meantime enjoy this episode about nothing and a picture of Sam playing a keytar.

The taco song is available on YouTube here.   The best version of Nyan Cat is available here.   And I mean best by any measure.   I’m not sharing the creepy one with you.


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Summer Vacation 2015

sand-84589_1280As we did back in February, Ask an Atheist is taking a bit of a break– something we’ve decided to do once or twice a year to help preserve our sanity.    But, again, fear not!  New episodes will continue on as before!  Last week, we recorded something on the order of six episodes, and there’s some great stuff in there.   Also, some voices you haven’t heard in a while.

Meanwhile, we have time to work on things like Camp Quest Washington, a quick visit to South Dakota to hang out at SkepDakota, and going to see Shelley Segal at the Swiss.  It’s almost like we aren’t on vacation at all!

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We Are Taking a Break! Sort of…

vacation_beack Ask an Atheist has been producing content, week after week, without a break, since 2010.    So we’re taking a break, but you’ll still get your shows every week.

2014 was a very productive and transformative year for us, and we could use a break.

That said, we’re committed to bringing new content, so while we may be on a break, Ask an Atheist itself won’t be.   New content will be posted every week, as usual.  We’ve got some exciting episodes that were a lot of fun, and we can’t wait to share them with you.

In the background, we’re going to be taking a breather.   We’ll be back, live, on March 29th.

See you then!

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Big Recording Day Today

Ask an Atheist is recording several shows this week!   If you want a preview of what’s going on, check our feed throughout the day.   When we’re not recording, we’ll either be carrying the KKNW stream or some other content so you know we’re around.

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