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This Week: Ask an Atheist Experience

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Episodes of Ask an Atheist!

Ask an Atheist Experience

NOTE: This post has the fixed audio now.   The last copy had broken encoding in it.

This week is a trip down memory lane as Sam is joined by Casey Doran, one of the original creators of AaA, and Russell Glasser of The Atheist Experience to talk about this week in news, weirdness, and questions to us.

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The Rise of Corporate Religion

What happens when the Supreme Court is wrong?  Do we bring our pitchforks and torches to Washington?   Do we head for the hills to bunker up?   Do we found Yet Another PAC?  Sam, Becca, and Dave endeavor to find out as we interview Edward Tabash of the Center for Inquiry, and Annie Laurie Gaylor or the Freedom from Religion Foundation.

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Invasion of the Doppelgangers

In the last episode Mike and Rebecca joined Sam in the studio.     This week, it’s Mike and Rebecca.

But a different Mike and Rebecca.   We’re confused, too.   But join us as Becca and Mike catch up on this week in weirdness with Sam.


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