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This Week: Roy No Moore

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Information about upcoming episodes of Ask an Atheist.

Roy No Moore

Ask An Atheist examines the nefarious and infamous Alabama State Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore.  In the third segment Brian Harvey from CFI Portland updates us on the Clark County “In God We Trust” plaque disagreement.   The open letter to the Clark County council is available here.

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Big Recording Day Today

Ask an Atheist is recording several shows this week!   If you want a preview of what’s going on, check our feed throughout the day.   When we’re not recording, we’ll either be carrying the KKNW stream or some other content so you know we’re around.

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Grandmother Fish

Sam and Becky chat about how anti-vaxxers are endangering preschoolers, how Seattle-area author Jonathan Tweet is striving to teach evolution to preschoolers with his forthcoming picture book “Grandmother Fish,” and how we expect some preschool-like behavior at an upcoming Clark County Council meeting where a council member is proposing an “In God We Trust” display.

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Don’t Say ‘Kafka’

This week Dave and Becky join Sam as we talk to Dr. Steve Anonymous, the person we mentioned last week who is forced, by court order, to take his children to a Catholic Mass.  We also discuss the electrochemical nature of love, and success in New York.   You can find the petition available here.

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