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Where we discuss our 2013 tour across the country, as it happens.


Day 17: St. Louis to Chicago

by Sam Mulvey

St. Louis was a great show, with some great sound, and the podcast will be an extra one with some good material.    Tonight, we’re at a fundraiser for a family member.   Tomorrow, we’re going to the Ethical Humanist Society in Skokie.    See you then!

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Said "FORGIVE" sign.   It's near Clovis.

Day 13-16: Las Cruces to Oklahoma City

by Sam Mulvey

One thing I forgot to mention is the big sign that just said “FORGIVE.”   It had a very “They Live” feel to it.   Other than that, I talk about a lot of driving, how awesome the places we visit are and how badly Seattle/Tacoma fares in the activity of the atheism community, and […]

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Day 12: Tucson

by Sam Mulvey

Welcome to the “Going Commando” edition of the tour diary!   Included are some fun things from the last day and a half! We’re okay!   And we’re on our way to New Mexico.   But things have happened.   I’m also posting this in the car, while a storm is going through the Tucson […]

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Becky is taking a picture of a... thing? out in front of Taste of Tops in Tempe, AZ.

Day 11: End of Phoenix

by Sam Mulvey

Pacific Rim is a movie that sets out to do something, and then does that thing.   Mike might describe it as a “love letter.”  I talk about why I liked it. The Phoenix show was great… and then things get a bit personal. Now with exciting air conditioning digital sound effects!       […]

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