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Important announcements about Ask an Atheist, or other things going on in the Atheism Visibility movement.

Big Recording Day Today

Ask an Atheist is recording several shows this week!   If you want a preview of what’s going on, check our feed throughout the day.   When we’re not recording, we’ll either be carrying the KKNW stream or some other content so you know we’re around.

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Streamathon THIS WEEKEND!

games_sthon_640Will you be joining us online starting Saturday at noon PDT for our Streamathon fundraiser?? The cast and crew is now considering requests!
(This is the audio of a YouTube video.   Just like old times.)
From: Saturday, September 20th @ 12:00PM
Until: Sunday, September 21st @ 12:00PM
(All times Pacific)

No, we’re not asking you if you’ve got a pickup truck. Nor are we sizing up our friends on a ratio of pounds moved versus pizza consumed. We’re moving back to Seattle, and we need help to do it!

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AaA: 50% More Free!

Sam and Mike in the StudioThis week, Ask An Atheist will run a very special 1.5-hour episode!  The first half, we’ll hear about a variety of folks putting Humanist ideals into action in some high-impact ways outside of North America. 

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Find me some crazy stuff to read!

Hey everybody!  Dave here.  All of us are hoping you are all enjoying this season.  We were really excited to have Roy Zimmerman in the studio with us, and were excited with the turnout for the after-show with him.  We’re also thrilled to be recording live at TCC again.  Last years was a blast, and we were pleased to find out that the Science and Inquiry club wanted us back.  So look for that in a couple weeks.

659However, as you all know by now, running this show isn’t cheap.  We are halfway through this season, and starting to wonder how we’re going to pay for the next.  We’ve been bouncing around a few fundraising ideas, some of which sound really exciting.  There’s one in particular that we need your help with.

We’re thinking about putting together some texts to read.  The more absurd the better.  The idea is one of us will read until we can’t keep a straight face anymore.  But we need your help to find some of the best stuff.  What we’re looking for is absurd and crazy religious writing in the public domain.  While we’d love to see Sam do a reading of Left Behind or a Ray Comfort book, there are unfortunate legal issues getting in the way of that.  Instead we need stuff either in scriptures, pamphlets, or books that aren’t copyrighted or trademarked.  Anything you think we might be able to read without getting sued.  It’d be especially fun to find stuff outside of Christianity.  If you know any good parts of the Quran or the Bhagavad Gita, that’d be great.  So if you have an ideas, or if you could find something out there that you think is going to crack us up, let us know.

You can post something in the comments below, or in the “Ask a Question” tab above.  Use the title “Fundraising scripture” so we know what it’s intended for.  We know you guys are the best at finding the crazy, so don’t let us down.

Thanks for your support, and thanks for listening to us.  We look forward to hearing all the fun stuff you come up with.


P.S. If you want to support us more directly, you can always donate using the Shiny Red Candy-like Button at the top of the page.

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