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This Week: Exhausted in Tacoma

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McCune 2: Probable Plaque Plagues Pierce

This is about 10% of what we felt when he started telling us about communist infiltrators and the Muslim Obama.

Communist infiltrator discussion commenced roughly half an hour later.

Sam, Becky, and Robert give an update on Robert’s upcoming invocations as a secular celebrant–and then get into the meaty parts of the Pierce County Council’s resolution to prominently display “In God We Trust.”  (Links below the fold).

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Ask an Atheist Experience

NOTE: This post has the fixed audio now.   The last copy had broken encoding in it.

This week is a trip down memory lane as Sam is joined by Casey Doran, one of the original creators of AaA, and Russell Glasser of The Atheist Experience to talk about this week in news, weirdness, and questions to us.

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