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Podcast S2E8: Separation of Church and State

Scott and Casey explore the United States’ widely cheered and widely¬†challenged separation of the church and the state, while facing a hail¬†of phone calls and technical difficulties.

YouTube Links scheduled for this episode before the day’s difficulties intervened:


About the Author: Sam Mulvey

Sam Mulvey is a producer and the technical brain behind Ask an Atheist. He is a collector of vinegar varieties, vintage computers, antique radios, and propaganda.

Feedback and Commentary

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P Andrews July 8, 2014 at 7:32 am

I appreciate your reasoned approach to discussing the issue of separation of church and state. As I am sure you’re aware, the military industrial complex is intent on inciting hatred for between Christian communities in America and other religions. They are especially committed to Muslim war mongering. I suspect are a major force behind the current drive to incorporate Christian dogma into public space and unfortunately many Christians are buying their propaganda.


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