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Blasphemy in Ireland

Sam and Becky speak with Michael Nugent of Atheist Ireland about Ireland’s 2009 anti-blasphemy law, Catholic influence on Irish law, and Ireland’s changing religious demographics.  Then Mike, Sam, and Becky discuss news items and respond to listener emails.

Big thanks to Living After Faith for the use of the studio for this week’s interview!

For information about the trial of Adam “Nergal” Darksi of the metal band Behemoth, check out this UPI story.

Also, here’s the press release for the American Atheists trial in Kentucky, about the religious requirement laws, and here’s the FFRF press release for the IRS trial.

So, what’s your take on Jimmy from Richmond’s email?   For your edification, here it is in full:

What would God need to do in order to show you that Jesus is the only One to surrender your life to–and have you asked God for this?

Also: When you die one day and stand before God what will you say to Him when He asks you why you have rejected His Son that He sent to save you? Would you blame Him because He has given you free will?
Jimmy from Richmond

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Open Letter to James from the Land of Richmond: 1A) An all-knowing god would know what it would take to convince me. An ignorant god is likely not worth calling ‘god’ or of worship. Also, the idea of surrendering my life for reasons external to my own values sounds unappealing. I prefer to live the one life I am sure of having in ways consistent to, and in line with, my own values and on my terms, even if a trapdoor to hell awaited me at the end of it. 1B) Why would I ask an entity I do not… Read more »

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