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Even In The Face Of Righteous Klingon Shredding, Adult Contempo Jesus Trekkers Reign Supreme!

This is (according to the internets) a sketch from the Christian comedy show Fire By Nite which was produced from 1986 to 1994 and was aimed at a teenage audience.  Thus the ultra hip and edgy content.  Uncircumcised Klingons indeed!  I’m such a lame-o, I had no idea Klingons even had human-like penises.

This is just another bit of evidence that supports my personal opinion that specifically Christian comedy taken at face value is never ever ever funny.  Ever.  I guess I should amend that to say – every single bit of Christian sketch comedy or stand up that I have seen has only been funny in that “it’s so terrible and not funny, it’s hilarious” kind of way.

I think the secret lies in the content – no matter how you phrase it, preaching isn’t funny.  It’s just annoying.  As I understand it, Christianity isn’t supposed to be funny anyway.  What’s funny about being tortured in Hell for eternity, the perpetuation of gender inequality, or trying to dictate other people’s personal choices based on archaic mythology someone else has decided to believe in?  There isn’t much about Christianity that makes for good comedic fodder since Christians prefer to be taken seriously and usually demand some level of reverence simply because they believe in something for no logical reason.  Because of all these characteristics, Christianity is a lot like cancer – the only time it’s funny is when you’re making fun of it.

However, I could be wrong – maybe there is come Christian comedy out there that is side splittingly hilarious or even somewhat amusing and I just haven’t seen it yet.

Does anyone know of any?  Do I hear crickets?  Oh dear…

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fred jones

“Christian comedy” what the hell does that even mean?

They think all their jokes are approved by God?


Christian comedy is like vegetarian bacon.


Oh man, this was hilarious! “If the Klingon doesn’t like it he can sit on a phaser” Bahahahaaa. Seriously though F**k you for making me imagine what an uncircumcised Klingon penis looks like…


Sam Mulvey

The kids show bibleman is an attempt to do a christian power rangers…and yes it is as bad as it sounds.

Sam Mulvey

I’m not kidding when I say I’m a big fan of propaganda, religious or otherwise. I’ve been telling the gang about bibleman and it’s associated media. I once instructed my tivo to record it, but that turned out to be a mistake.

Unwanted Season Pass to The 700 Club ahoy.


Whenever I hear Bibleman, I think of a confused Asian person with a loose grasp of the English language talking about Jesus.

Reminds me of a story by Dave Sedaris, Jesus Shaves, in which students of French attempt to explain Easter and Jesus to a Moroccan student:
“He make the good things, and on the Easter we be sad because somebody makes him dead today.”

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